We have been involved with Benson and his family, and the World Shine Ministries Rwentobo School Project in Uganda.
In late 2011 we strengthened our links with St Peter’s Church in Arua, Uganda when four of our members visited. We will continue with our links to St Peter’s but as we have completed our project  there we are moving onto a new project  in Romania.
We follow with interest the ministry of Kenneth in Emmanuel Cathedral, Kinyasano.
We have helped provide resources to give clean water to people in Malawi through a partnership with Aberdeen Presbytery.
Our new project is with the elderly in the Reformed Hungarian Church congregations of and Amac (Amati) and Hirip (Hiripi), Romania. Two of our members recently visited the area on a fact finding trip to find out how we could best help these folks.
We keep in touch with out FaithShare mission partner Joel Githinji, who works in Nepal in a Church of Scotland sponsored relief and development role with United Mission to Nepal.