405736579_bca7a29fa5_q 8700093610_0c8cbddf19_q 1197947341_89d0ff8676_qJesus called ‘disciples’ – the Greek word for ‘learners’. We believe people who follow Jesus should be committed to learning about faith, about themselves, about life together and about life in our beautiful and fragile world.

We encourage people of all ages to learn, grow and realise more and more their God-given potential, so they might enjoy – and share – life in all its fullness.

We continue with our service times of 11 am on Sunday mornings. We want to make the most of Sundays and have found that meeting earlier for a range of activities wasn’t so popular. So, rather than having these before the service, we’re going to have them afterwards. We’re also going to move the coffee time to the end of the service, because at 12 noon there will be more time to be relaxed, chat with friends and find out what else you can go to in St Kentigern’s.

Our plan so far is for us to have a range of conversations over coffee from about 12.10 until 1 pm or so, in the lounge. You can either stay in the large hall and meet with friends or get a cuppa and bring it through to the lounge where we’ll meet to talk about a range of things to do with our faith. That way, we can have times of worship, learning, discussion and activity on a Sunday morning and still be home for lunch.

If you need particular help to get to Church earlier, then get in touch with us at hub@stkentigern.org.uk or on 571693 and we will do all we can to help you get here on time.

So far, we have some plans for these later times. If there are topics or activities you’d like to be involved in when we start our new series of meetings, just let us know and we’ll do our best to programme them in with all the rest we hope to do.

Creation Time
What does it mean for us to live as Christians in our modern, fragile world? Are there things we should be looking to do, and avoid, as an expressing of our faith? We’ll have the chance to talk about these things in a cafe-style setting.

Introduction to the Lord’s Supper
Ahead of celebrating the Lord’s Supper, here’s a chance to think about what we understand is going on when we share this sacrament – and find out what a sacrament is anyway. If you’re not sure how to get the most from Communion, come along.

We’ll introduce the Trypraying resources and have a chat together about prayer. What is it, who is it for, how might we go about it and what can we look for?

E100 Bible Passages
Scripture Union have come up with the hundred most important Bible passages and we’ll have a look at their selection to see how we can help ourselves to get the broad sweep of the story of scripture.

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