Prayer Group

Prayer Group
Our prayers are not just for church folk. They are for anyone. We don’t need to know someone to pray for them. We don’t even need a name, Jimmy’s daughter or Eloise’s friend is enough. God knows who we mean.
Our new prayer group will pray for anyone whether we know them or not, whether we have a name or not, even whether we know their problem or not. So you can ask us to pray for anyone for whom you have a concern. Why ask a group to pray instead of just praying yourself? Well it’s not instead of, it’s as well as. We are assured that ‘when two or three come together in my name, there am I with them (Matt18:20). There is a power in praying in a group which is assured.
If you have anything you want prayed for, please phone 01560 483191 or email
No-one but you, the group and God will know you have asked. The group meet on Thursday afternoons at 1.30 via Zoom.

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