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Open Tuesday and Thursday 10 – 12 noon. You’re welcome to drop by.

Email to pass on any information for service sheets, newsletter or website.

Call 07563192489(temporary number) – leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


At present we have an interim minister Anne McAllister.  Any enquiries should be emailed to at or to the Session Clerk at

To pass on information about pastoral care matters, email


For contacts for session clerk, session committees, etc. and organisations and group, please click on the link below.

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Your personal data

We need to keep some information about members and those connected with the congregation, and do so safely. We endeavour to make everyone connected with St Kentigern’s aware what data we keep, how we keep it (and remove it) and how we share it.

We store basic contact information securely and are developing an entirely encrypted service for local storage; we use online storage infrequently through Google Docs which we believe is secure enough for us since it is used by UK government agencies. The basic contact information we store consists of: name, address, telephone numbers, email, names of family members, involvement in church groups, and skills. If you support St Kentigern’s financially we store givings records anonymously and the necessary details to process Gift Aid claims. If we have served you or your children through any of our activities or agencies (for example through a project or club,  one of our organisations, conducting a funeral or wedding, or in other ways) we shall keep your contact details and those of your children, where appropriate.

You can ask at any time for a copy of the information we hold about you. You can ask us to remove any of your personal information from our lists at any time, though if you do that we shall not be able to contact you on  our own initiative to tell you of activities and events.

Whether we hold any of your personal information or not, you are always free to ask the Church to help you if you wish. If we stop holding your information it is to comply with good data protection practice and not because we wish to cut any ties with you.

If you attend events and are aged over eighteen, we may publish online and in other places photographs which may include you unless you advise us at the event that you do not wish to appear in any such photographs. We seek permission from parents or guradians of all children and young people at the start of the church year in September to use photographs including children associated with our activities and events online and in the local media. If, during the course of the year, you wish to withdraw your permission, please contact us.