Souled Out – Youth Band

All members of the Junior (aged 8 and over) or Youth Church are invited to play their instruments together as a praise band.

Rehearsals are every Friday evening from 6 to 7 pm (if your instrument takes time to set up, please arrive early).

Please bring your own instrument and a music stand (unless other arrangements have been made). Musical parts for the hymns and songs will be provided. I hope we’ll be able to play together for Sunday morning services from time to time and members will have the opportunity to join the Big Band, once sufficient musical skills have been achieved. We will be playing at the Thanksgiving Service on Sunday 10th June.

There will be no charge for the attending the band,however weekly donations are accepted for Junior Church and Youth Church funds or for materials for the new band. The Youth Band will be taken by Audrey.

Praise God for our musical talents. All members are required to have good behaviour at all times.