Romanian Project

We work in partnership with the Reformed Church of Hungary in the villages of Amati and Hirip, Romania, to help the elderly in these villages. The elderly in Romania have little or no money to pay for medicines, fuel or at times food. They rely very much on their small holdings, which many of them still work.

Elders Jon Herd and Sandy Brown, Sharon and Tracey Hamilton have visited both parishes and met with their Pastors, Sandor and Erzsebet Kereszturi, their family, elders of the church and some of the villagers.

We raise money through the sale of books on a Sunday after church, having Praise Nights and Reachout, our Praise Band, donated half of the proceeds of the sale of their CD to the project.

We sent over £450 to the churches in November 2019. This money will help the most needy of their elderly parishioners/villagers and  would assist with the purchase of their necessary medicines.

We are assisted and advised by the World Mission Council of the Church of Scotland.