What’s Faith About?

For us, faith is aspirational, active and involves being accompanied.

It’s aspirational. Christian faith presents a goal to which we are all striving.

It’s active. Far more than a collection of ideas, it’s about living out the life God has given in the way God has shown in order to to honour the living God and to express Christian love towards those around us.

It involves being accompanied. As Christians we believe God is present with us, and wants us as people to be more together in Jesus. It’s not just about individuals – it is about our common life together. We are trying to create, develop and grow a Christian community within our fellowship based on trusting Jesus. In this faith community our individual experience and knowledge of God can grow and we can get closer to one another and to those we believe God wants us to serve. We try to exclude no-one and aim to welcome all who wish to aspire to honour God through living lives committed to Christ. We consider our privilege to serve our community by offering resources and opportunities to discover more about Christian faith in our lives and in God’s world.

We’ve tried to summarise some main aspects of Christian faith in a square metre – really! You can download the PDF file below, but be careful if you try to print it out! If you’d like to meet with others to explore together what this might mean for you – and us together – then contact the Hub.

We offer ‘Faith 101’. This is an ideal introduction to the main ideas in Christianity and the main practices which Christian faith encourages. You don’t need to believe in order to discover, so this course would be great for:

  • people thinking seriously about faith for themselves
  • students of religious studies at school or university wishing an introduction to contemporary Christian faith beliefs and practices in a Reformed church
  • people who would like a refresher on faith, even though they’ve been around church for a while.

For more information, or to book a place, email hub@stkentigern.org.uk or phone 01563 571693.

Thinking about Faith
We feel the Preamble used in many Church of Scotland services captures the essence of Christian faith, the Good News from God in Jesus:“The Gospel of the sovereign grace and love of God, is that through Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our Lord, incarnate, crucified, and risen, God freely offers to all upon repentance and faith, the forgiveness of sins, renewal by the Holy Spirit, and eternal life, and calls them to labour in the fellowship of faith for the advancement of the kingdom of God throughout the world. The Church of Scotland acknowledges the Word of God, contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments,to be the supreme rule of faith and life.”

There are many other creeds and statements of faith, for example recognised by the Church of Scotland and the Church of England as well as many others indeed!

Living Faith
We consider traditional Christian practices of prayerful reflection and careful study, especially of the Bible, along with being involved in public worship, are key elements of Christian growth which also inform and inspire Christian service. You may find some of these websites helpful in developing helpful prayer and study habits.

Pray As You Go
Audio files to download with opportunity to be still, reflect on a passage of Scripture in an approach based on Ignatian principles.

Half the population of the UK prays at some point in the year. This website gives ideas and hints to help you get more from praying.

Sacred Space
A text-based opportunity to read, reflect and pray based both on Ignatian principles and following closely the liturgical year and saints’ days.

Bible Study Tools
This website offers a range of tools for devotional (personal worship) and reflective (personal thinking) Bible study, with a range of plans to help you read sections of the bible and a wealth of study aids to help you get the most from the text. One weakness of the site is the age of many of the reference works – these are used because they are out of copyright, and that means they are pretty old and possibly less relevant. It also offers a pretty conservative theological outlook from a US perspective.

How to Read the Bible for All its Worth
This helpful book, now in its fourth edition, offers an introduction to all the types of literature contained in the Bible with sensible, faithful advice to read it wisely to promote good Christian growth. A summary of the book prepared through St Kentigern’s is also available.