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Many of us have found prayer supportive, energising and real. As part of a regular spiritual discipline it really works! Why not give it a go yourself? Trypraying is a great introduction.

Praying as individuals is helpful. Praying together allows us to be involved in the joys and struggles of the whole church.

We meet to pray together on Sunday mornings at 10.30 am, focusing in a four-week cycle on:

  • our church
  • our community
  • other churches and partnerships we have
  • our world

We meet fortnightly on Thursday evenings in the church Lounge for study and prayer. You’re welcome along. Email for details of the next meeting.

You can email your prayer request to

We’ll do our best to include this in our prayers on the next Sunday worship service. You’re welcome along to that it you wish, and we’ll give you details in the email reply.

This is the rota for prayer times till the last Sunday of November  2017:


3rd   Church in the Community
10th Other Churches
17th Church in the Wider World
24th Our Church


1st Church in the Community
8th Other Churches
15th Church in the Wider World
22nd Our Church
29th Church in the Community


5th   Other Churches
12th Church in the Wider World
19th Our Church
26th Church in the Community

We encourage private prayer for these, and other, areas by providing resources you can download.