Many people find inner strength is increased through deliberate, quiet reflection. There is a long Christian tradition of prayerful reflective practice and, more recently, mindfulness has become recognised as a useful non-faith approach with some similar features.

Here are on-line resources which you may find helpful. We want to support everyone in our community to have strong inner health.

If you know of others you think should be added, or want to review any of these, please get in touch with us. If you wish more help from the church or the Minister, visit the Contact Us page for details.

Thinking about your life – from a Christian viewpoint

Pray As You Go
You can download an audio file with opportunity to be still, reflect on a passage of Scripture in an approach based on Ignatian principles.

Praying is not as strange as you may think. Half the population of the UK prays at some point in the year. This webiste gives you ideas and hints to help you get more from praying.

Sacred Space
A text-based opportunity to read, reflect and pray based both on Ignatian principles and following closely the liturgical year and saints’ days.

Thinking about your life – from non-religious viewpoints

Mindfulness Works
Audio clips to enhance relaxation to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.

Wellbeing at Dartmouth
Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, USA has a useful introduction to different aspects and types of wellbeing.

Be Mindful Online
An online course to help you learn techniques about mindfulness.

Websites to help you

Young Minds
A leading UK charity working to strengthen young people’s emotional wellbing and mental health. Their website includes a deal of practical advice on looking after yourself.

Mental Health Foundation
This page has ten top tips about how to look after your mental health, the benefits of exercise and a special section on how to overcome fear and anxiety.

Rethink Mental Illness
There are loads of detailed factsheets about many aspects of mental health issues here.

People to help you

School staff
There are many teachers and staff members at school willing to help you, or point to other help you can get. Contact the school office or your guidance teacher

School chaplain
There are school chaplains who are willing to meet you in school to talk about issues. You can contact them through the school office, too.