Session Clerk


Here’s what we understand the Session Clerk is currently responsible for:

  1. Take minutes of Session Meetings and deal with any correspondence.

2. Issue Minutes prior to Session Meetings

3. Include Session Committee reports in Minutes

4. Member of congregation’s Safeguarding Panel

5. Organise Church records for annual audit

6. Attest Roll and prepare annual statistics

7. Ensure Session Committees have relevant papers

8. Organise welcome team for Sunday Services

9. Plan and organise the mechanics of Communion (the serving rota, prepare bread and wine for distribution to Congregation; clear away elements).

10. Prepare rota for elders visits to Church Organisations

11. Prepare Prayer Meeting rota

12. Attend Board Meetings on behalf of Session

Next Steps

It may be possible for us to re-arrange duties so that the first six are carried out by the Session Clerk, with others being responsible for the remainder.