Our World

The plight of Persecuted Christians throughout the world is high on our list of concerns and we regularly bring this to the attention of the congregation via Outreach, the website, Facebook, Twitter and updates during services. We also support MAF, Tear Fund, Fairtrade, Leprosy Mission and UNICEF, as a church.

We have in the past worked with St Peter’s Church, Ociba, Arua, Uganda and helped to fund a building project for three houses in the church grounds. The houses provide much needed income for the church.  We continue to keep in contact with our brothers and sisters in St Peters, but we as a church no longer support St Peters financially.


Our next project has seen us twinning with churches in north western Romania and trying to help the elderly of the area. Jon Herd and Sandy Brown, have travelled to Hirip and Amac on two occassions now to visit these churches and find out what assistance is needed. Updates are available on the dedicated page to Romania, here on our website.

Downtown Amac
Hirip village
The church at Hirip

We keep in touch with our FaithShare mission partner, Joel Githinji, who works in Nepal in a Church of Scotland sponsored healthcare and development programme through the united Mission to Nepal.

Our committee members are Noreen Grey, Jon Herd, John Tomlinson, Ian Rennie and Sandy Brown.