Leading in worship


We continue with our series of meetings, this Sunday 11th October, supporting all who are interested in exploring leading in worship and mission through St Kentigern’s. Each Sunday until 8th November we will be looking at different aspects of worship in two sessions each Sunday afternoon: 2 – 3.20 pm – Taking part in services and 3.40 – 5 pm- Fresh Expressions in worship. Register your interest in exploring leading worship or pioneering fresh expressions of worship by emailing minister@stkentigern.org.uk or text 07506 549 529, so we know how many will be attending and plan activities accordingly.

Morning Service

The main time we get together for worship is at 11 am on a Sunday morning. Everyone’s welcome then, though we split up for Junior Church, Youth Church and ‘normal’ church during that hour together. Then we have a cup of tea and a chat after the service.

Crossing Continents to Combat Trafficking

Human Trafficking Conference flyer-page-001‘Crossing Continents to Combat Trafficking’

Saturday 17 October, 9.30-4.30pm, St George’s Tron Church, Glasgow

Come and learn more about trafficking around the world and find out what we can do about it here in Scotland. There will be a special presentation from our partner from the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and workshops run by partners from Malawi, Nepal, the Netherlands and more!

Christmas Eve Nativity

4161935408_9b02a46dd9_qAudrey Frazer is looking for volunteers of different skills and talents to be involved with this Nativity. She has been working on it for about 3 years and it is now ready to be performed. Rehearsals will be once a week on a Thursday at 6 pm. So if you are interested please see Audrey and give her your email address, so she can send you a script. Then please come along on Thursday at 6 pm, so we can work out who wants to do what.

Audrey is hoping it will be a lot of fun telling the Christmas story, as is the tradition in our church at our family Christmas Eve service.

Church launches #SignUpSunday for global education petition

Hannah_Mary_Goodlad,_Gordon_Brown,_Dr_Angus_MorrisonThe Church of Scotland is calling on its 1400 congregations to back a petition to the United Nations calling on governments across the world to honour their promise to provide quality education for every child.
More than 9 million people have signed the #UpForSchool petition so far, including celebrities such as Justin Beiber and Shakira. The petition, which is organised by the Global Faiths Coalition for Education, is being championed by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who will address the UN in New York next week. The Church has commissioned its own short promotional videos to be played in churches this Sunday.
The Moderator of the Church’s General Assembly, Rt Rev Dr Angus Morrison says he is backing the #SignUpSunday initiative because the Church was instrumental in the introduction of universal education in Scotland. Following the Reformation in 1560, one of the first decisions of the General Assembly was to establish a school in every parish.
Dr Morrison says congregations are “heirs to a rich tradition of support for the right of all children to education. The purpose was not only to enable everyone to read the Bible for themselves, but to give each child a solid start in life. In time that strategy led to the transformation of Scottish society.”
“By signing the #UpForSchool petition now we can all make a significant contribution towards the goal of this being the first generation ever in which all the world’s children will be given a basic education, and thus receive their rightful start in life. I hope the videos will be shared by our members and the wider public on social media to get the message across.”
The Moderator is being joined by Gordon Brown and Hannah Mary Goodlad, Moderator of the Church’s National Youth Assembly, in launching the initiative. Miss Goodlad says people have a “collective responsibility” to stand up for the 59 million children currently denied access to any schooling because education is “life changing and life-saving”.
Mr Brown, whose father John was a Church of Scotland minister, was appointed United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education in 2012. He has visited countries, including Lebanon, South Sudan and Kenya, to see for himself the barriers to education. He believes the issue is a “civil rights struggle” because even in those countries which do provide schooling, around 500 million children do not finish primary or secondary education. He described it as a “tragedy of biblical proportions” where hundreds of thousands of children and young people in unstable nations were denied food, shelter and healthcare and faced threats of being forced into labour and early marriages.
Mr Brown will address the United Nations next Thursday, Sept 24th, challenging it to meet the UN General Assembly’s pledge to provide quality education for all by this year. Addressing a recent gathering of Church of Scotland youth delegates he said “When I talk about education, I am talking about what we can do as citizens of the world to make it possible for every child to have the basic thing we take for granted – the right to a decent education that will give them a proper start in life. Let us be the first generation in history where we do bridge the gap between what people are and what they have within themselves to become by ensuring that they have universal education.”
Miss Goodlad said it is appalling that so many children in the world were being denied an education – a situation she believes is preventable. “We all, regardless of who are, have a collective responsibility to speak up and out for those whose voices have been silenced.”