Trip to Isle of Whithorn


Arrangements are well in hand for our trip to the Isle of Whithorn on Saturday 26th September.  We will leave by coach at 9 am and return about 9 pm, with a stop on the return journey home for an evening meal.

A non-returnable deposit of £20 is required to be paid as soon as possible to Irene Rennie or Sandy Brown, to confirm your seat on the coach. The remainder of the cost can be paid nearer the time.

The Church Hub

3218405600_d17eda0830_zThe Hub will be closed between Tuesday 16th June until Thursday 13th August. Re-opens Tuesday 18th August.

If you have anything you want announced during the Summer Services, then please email or hand it in before the morning service.

Tomorrow’s Calling


The first stage of the Church of Scotland’s Decade for Ministry is about to begin, encouraging candidates to come forward to serve in parish ministry.  The campaign,  using the slogan Tomorrow’s Calling, reflects God’s call to serve through the church and demands a response from those individuals who may hear that call.

The highlight of the launch at Heart and Soul this Sunday coming is a short film which champions the important work of parish ministers across the country.  In selecting a handful of ministers and promoting the impact they are having in their local areas, the Church wants to show the significant role each and every one of our ministers has through their congregations and communities.  We want to help more people answer God’s call and also boost the profile of parish ministry.  A very brief clip of the video has been shown on BBC and STV news this morning.

Why not watch the film, engage with the website, and share material on Facebook and Twitter?  You will be able to find out all the information you need at .    On Twitter we are using the hashtag #tomorrowscalling.

If you’d like any more information in the first place about responding to a call to serve in ministry, have a word with the Minister, Grant Barclay.


Sundays are Special!

Sundays are special.

Our present Sunday morning services mix traditional and contemporary worship with a range of musical styles, an orderly but relaxed approach to worship and a welcome for everyone.

We like to think our worship is relaxed but reverent, flexible but organised, and designed to promote worship through adoration and careful thinking. Although familiar, it’s also intended to be unsettling and challenging. We follow the historic Reformed pattern of focusing on preaching though we are also aware of the importance of sung praise and of praying. We generally don’t dress up much, though we admire those who do! Worship starts at 11 am, lasts an hour and there’s the opportunity for coffee and conversation right afterwards.

As well as worship, we use Sundays as times to get together, to think about faith, to pray and to consider how we might help one another better serve Christ’s kingdom. From time to time we welcome others from our community and other churches to shared services.

We also hold praise evenings or join with other congregations for worship from time to time. Have a look at our Services page for more details

Growing in faith and service

Here are key areas where we can grow in our faith in Christ and in serving others because of our faith. We can do this better together than on our own. What would you like to take forward? Complete the form below as the first step:

Exploring what it means to pray in greater depth. There are historic, traditional spiritual practices for Christians which we do not all find easy, but which have invigorated the spiritual lives of millions. Would you like to find out more?
Discovering more about some person or group doing something to advance the kingdom somewhere in the world. We might then be able to support them, even if only through our concern and interest. It has never been easier to find out what people are doing, but we do need to try. We might even find something that excites us as a congregation so we can put our collective weight behind it.
Sensing where and in what way God is calling us each to serve him. There has never, in the past hundred years, been both a greater need nor a greater recognition of the importance of the ministry of all God’s people in the Church of Scotland. Full-time paid service is fast disappearing; if any widespread ministry will remain, it will be carried out by people like you. What is God calling you to do?
Taking early steps towards commitment. Jesus expects people will say they are his followers. What does that mean, what will it involve and how can we do what he asks us in today’s world? This foundational thinking supports all the rest and may lead to church membership or a renewed commitment to vows taken before.
Developing what we are doing together as God’s people to serve our community. Let’s not downplay our role – we are here, and we provide worship and activities for people of all ages, we give a bit to all our local schools and we share our premises with others. However,  are struggling to keep doing all we do, and it may be we need to check that we are doing the right things, and encourage others to join in.

Where will you begin to explore your part in this?