Community Cafe

Community cafe

Mondays 10 am – 12 noon
The Lesser Hall, New Farm Loch Community Centre.

We will close on Monday 25th July at 12 noon but will be back on Monday 5th September.

We’d love to see you at the cafe and encourage you to tell neighbours, too.

Summer Services – Time Travel



Our Summer Services continue throughout July and August at 11 am.  The theme of the services is Doctor Who and we explore the part played by angels in various Bible stories.

Here is our theme song for this year, thanks to Audrey and Grant.

Each week’s service will involve us meeting a ‘regenerated’ (you’d hope so in church!) Doctor, and we fully plan  – unlike the TV series so far – to move forward with a regendered Doctor, too. Would you be willing to play the part of the Doctor? We would also like a Companion, who can be any age, male or female, and will have some chat with the Doctor at the start of the service.

We think the children will enjoy being in for the start and end of the service and having a mixture of fun games and high-quality crafts and activities for twenty or so minutes in the middle.

We’ll have a more traditional, though shorter, time of worship in the middle of the service and we’d value your involvement in leading in prayer, or reading the Bible.

Please go to the church website for full details – The church needs you! Thank you and God bless.

Sundays are Special!

Sundays are special.

Our present Sunday morning services mix traditional and contemporary worship with a range of musical styles, an orderly but relaxed approach to worship and a welcome for everyone.

We like to think our worship is relaxed but reverent, flexible but organised, and designed to promote worship through adoration and careful thinking. Although familiar, it’s also intended to be unsettling and challenging. We follow the historic Reformed pattern of focusing on preaching though we are also aware of the importance of sung praise and of praying. We generally don’t dress up much, though we admire those who do! Worship starts at 11 am, lasts an hour and there’s the opportunity for coffee and conversation right afterwards.

As well as worship, we use Sundays as times to get together, to think about faith, to pray and to consider how we might help one another better serve Christ’s kingdom. From time to time we welcome others from our community and other churches to shared services.

We also hold praise evenings or join with other congregations for worship from time to time. Have a look at our Services page for more details

Growing in faith and service

Here are key areas where we can grow in our faith in Christ and in serving others because of our faith. We can do this better together than on our own. What would you like to take forward? Complete the form below as the first step:

Exploring what it means to pray in greater depth. There are historic, traditional spiritual practices for Christians which we do not all find easy, but which have invigorated the spiritual lives of millions. Would you like to find out more?
Discovering more about some person or group doing something to advance the kingdom somewhere in the world. We might then be able to support them, even if only through our concern and interest. It has never been easier to find out what people are doing, but we do need to try. We might even find something that excites us as a congregation so we can put our collective weight behind it.
Sensing where and in what way God is calling us each to serve him. There has never, in the past hundred years, been both a greater need nor a greater recognition of the importance of the ministry of all God’s people in the Church of Scotland. Full-time paid service is fast disappearing; if any widespread ministry will remain, it will be carried out by people like you. What is God calling you to do?
Taking early steps towards commitment. Jesus expects people will say they are his followers. What does that mean, what will it involve and how can we do what he asks us in today’s world? This foundational thinking supports all the rest and may lead to church membership or a renewed commitment to vows taken before.
Developing what we are doing together as God’s people to serve our community. Let’s not downplay our role – we are here, and we provide worship and activities for people of all ages, we give a bit to all our local schools and we share our premises with others. However,  are struggling to keep doing all we do, and it may be we need to check that we are doing the right things, and encourage others to join in.

Where will you begin to explore your part in this?

What’s On Generally

Sometimes it’s all a bit disorganised, but life’s like that.

In the main, though, a week at St Kentigern’s looks like this:


Morning Prayers at 10.30 am.

The Morning Service at 11 am

Creche and Junior Church at 11 am, Coffee and conversation from 12 noon.

 Small groups meet for further chat or to consider an issue from 12 noon until about 1 pm from time to time.


Woman’s Hour – friendship for ladies at 7.30. Meets between October and March.


Church Hub open 10.00 – 12.00

First Tuesday- midweek service on first Tuesday afternoon of the month at 2.00

Messy Church for parents, carers and preschool children with crafts, worship and friendship at 1.00

Golden Age Group meets on Tuesdays once a month at 1.00

Administration: Kirk Session, Congregational Board, Presbytery, team meetings at 7.15


Coffee and Company from 2.00 for anyone who’s around


Church Hub open 10.00 – 12.00

Job Club 10.00 – 12.00

Girls’ Brigade from 6.00

Bible Study and prayer in members’ homes from 7.30


Pathfinders and Pathfinders+ from 7.00


Seminars, training and other events organised here, or by Presbytery, or other agencies.


We are an active, growing community of people who are learning to trust and follow Jesus Christ and we would love you to be involved with us directly in our meetings and activities or on-line.

Explore our website to find out more about us, find out how we can serve, and to get in touch.

Kirk Session

The Kirk Session, made up of elders, provides leadership for our congregation and takes to do with administration. There are four Kirk Session teams who, together with co-opted members of the congregation, form our vision for key areas of work.

Eldership Consultation

We took part in the Church of Scotland’s consultation on the Eldership. Over 500 responses came in from Kirk Sessions and others across Scotland. You can read the summary of these and see where the bigger picture fits with, or differs from your view.

General Assembly 2014

Offprints from the Blue Book reports to the General Assembly are available here for members of the Kirk Session to download and read. The Kirk Session group which might take a lead on each area is suggested:

Interpreting Scripture How do people read the Bible? (Our Church for discussion group; All elders)

Ministers in Civil Partnerships The Overture which Presbyteries will consider and vote on by December 2014 (All elders)

Flourishing Ministries How will we encourage ministries to flourish in St Kentigern’s? (Our Church)

Giving Young People a Say How will we listen to the voices of young people and let them have a say in the decisions we make? (Our Church)

Poverty in Scotland What is the Church’s reponse to poverty around us? (Church in our Community)

Our Global Neighbours How will we engage with people of other faiths in our community and town? (Church in our Community)

The Church in Europe What is the present state of the Church across Europe? (Other Churches)

Being involved in Mission What can we do to be involved in God’s worldwide mission? (Other Churches; Church in the Wider World)

Mission Today What does it mean for us to make Jesus known in 21st century Scotland? (All elders)

Vision What sort of Church do you want to see in the next decade? (All elders)

Each committee reports back at Session meetings. Committees are welcome to report in their own form and are encouraged to use the report form available here. This can be filled out directly using Foxit Reader to view the form, adding comments as required and then emailing the completed form to the Session Clerk.

Various documents come from Presbytery and the central Councils and committees of the church. For easy reference these are available below. Slides from the Elders Conference sessions in March 2014 are also available below.

Emails are sent to all members of the various committees. If you have an email account and do not receive emails from the Minister with material for your committee, please email the minister and request you be added to the correct list.

What’s Faith About?

For us, faith is aspirational, active and involves being accompanied.

It’s aspirational. Christian faith presents a goal to which we are all striving.

It’s active. Far more than a collection of ideas, it’s about living out the life God has given in the way God has shown in order to to honour the living God and to express Christian love towards those around us.

It involves being accompanied. Christians believe God is with present and us and wants us as people to be more together in Jesus. It’s less about individuals than it is about our common life together. We are trying to create, develop and grow a Christian community within our fellowship based on trusting Jesus. We try to exclude no-one and aim to welcome all who wish to aspire to honour God through living lives committed to Christ. We consider our privilege to serve our community by offering resources and opportunities to discover more about Christian faith in our lives and in God’s world.

We’ve tried to summarise some main aspects of Christian faith in a square metre – really! You can download the PDF file below, but be careful if you try to print it out! If you’d like to meet with others to explore together what this might mean for you – and us together – then contact Grant Barclay.

We offer ‘Faith 101’. This is an ideal introduction to the main ideas in Christianity and the main practices which Christian faith encourages. You don’t need to believe in order to discover, so this course would be great for:

  • people thinking seriously about faith for themselves
  • students of religious studies at schoool or university wishing an introduction to contemporary Christian faith beliefs and practices in a Reformed church
  • people who would like a refresher on faith, even though they’ve been around church for a while.

For more information, or to book a place, email or text 07506 549 529.

We feel the Preamble used in many Church of Scotland services captures the essence of Christian faith, the Good News from God in Jesus:“The Gospel of the sovereign grace and love of God, is that through Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our Lord, incarnate, crucified, and risen, God freely offers to all upon repentance and faith, the forgiveness of sins, renewal by the Holy Spirit, and eternal life, and calls them to labour in the fellowship of faith for the advancement of the kingdom of God throughout the world. The Church of Scotland acknowledges the Word of God, contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments,to be the supreme rule of faith and life.”